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Nature is key to banks’ sustainability ambitions

Nature is key to banks’ sustainability ambitions

The growing threat of climate change has spurred banks and other financial services companies to step up efforts to become sustainable. Many have pledged to fight climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. Far fewer firms, however, have…

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Banks can no longer stall on sustainability

Banks have the opportunity of a lifetime. And if they don’t act now, it’s going to slip from their grasp.  I’ve just returned from speaking with senior bank executives around the US and Europe. The topic of our talks? One of the…

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Reignite customer relationships for growth

5 ways to reignite customer relationships for growth

Banking has been blasted by the winds of change in 2023. If you think we’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re not alone. The industry right now has a surprising amount in common with some of the most iconic characters from The Wonderful…

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BNPL: Strategies for banks to get it right

As consumers experience economic turbulence due to inflation and rising interest rates, they want to be able to pay anywhere, anytime, anyhow. For banks to stay ahead of an increasingly complex payments game and meet these evolving consumer expectations, they will need…

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Americans value trust above all in payment options

Americans value trust above all in payment options

There’s a lot of buzz about next-gen payments rails globally, but where does North America stand when it comes to adopting these new options? Accenture’s recent consumer payments research—which you’ll find in our report, Payments gets personal: strategies to stay relevant—revealed that…

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Commercial banks must now focus on fundamentals

Having pulled through the Covid pandemic, the unravelling of international supply chains and a global energy crunch, commercial banks must now grapple with a spike in interest rates and the collapse of some high-profile peer institutions. Rarely have I seen the banking…

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Banks need a unified vision for true cloud success

In the current edition of the Banking Cloud Altimeter, we dig into the results of our 2022 Banking Cloud Rotation Index survey, which follows the progress of nearly 100 banks on their journey to cloud. Though the progress they have made over…

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Four strategies for consumer payments growth in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the tempo of change in consumer behaviors and expectations. Payments, characteristically, is at the forefront of the change. In “Payments Gets Personal—Strategies to Stay Relevant,” our report on an Accenture survey of 16,000 payments customers across 13 different…

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Commercial banking top trends in 2023

The world of commercial banking faces uncertainty today. As a result, it is difficult to make confident decisions about the medium-to-long term. However, Accenture believes commercial banks have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and reposition for the future. Unlike in the 2008…

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Drive treasury and capitalize on fintech rise

Banks currently dominate the provision of treasury services for businesses in the United States, but they are beginning to face challenges to their long reign. Accenture conducted a survey of over 300 US businesses about their treasury functions and the findings in…

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